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App-based exchange

Tradala is one of the first companies in the world to develop mobile app for a decentralized exchange, a technology that has proved to be hard to conquer for others.

Stock Charting

White Label

Tradala is one of the first companies in Asia to offer white label for its exchange product, helping business to go to market with their exchange within a couple of weeks.

Forex Brokers

App Development

Tradala has also developed exchanges on desktop and mobile app for companies in Singapore, Malaysia and India.

Tradala is a technology company specializing in the crypto space and proud to be one of the first companies in Asia to provide white label and liquidity services for crypto exchanges. The company has been working in the cryptocurreny space for the past 2 years with a strong team of developers and marketers helping exchanges to get up and running within a few days and also helping them to reach their clients in the most opportune way possible.

Exchange on Mobile and Desktop

Tradala Crypto Trader provides the companies the opportunity to choose from a variety of choices, right from architecture (centralized or decentralized) and also helps them to customize their liquidity feed and even the minute details like colors and logos which means that the companies that partner with us can focus on their sales and marketing leaving all of the backend upgrades and maintenance to us.